About Me

Michael Gross is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Positive Energy Practitioner and founder of Be Your Own Wingman.

His coaching, videos, blogs and radio show have taught and inspired thousands of individuals, business leaders and health care professionals how to incorporate his Wingman principles and practices into their personal and professional lives.

His earlier career as a health insurance executive taught him the value of a positive outlook on physical, mental and emotional health and led him to further exploration of positive mind coaching.

His development of the Wingman Minute integrates and simplifies the Power of Positive Thinking, the Law of Attraction, and the philosophies of Buddhism, coupled with today’s best scientific research. These workouts have been described by his individual and corporate clients as easy, accessible, and extremely effective at increasing wellness, positivity, productivity and joy.

Michael now travels the world coaching, lecturing and studying with Zen Masters, Buddhist Monks, spiritual leaders, self-help authors, and his most valued teachers of all, the people he meets during his normal everyday experiences.

To learn more about Michael’s life coaching and how his unique philosophy can help you add joy and positivity to your life, please visit his website, www.beyourownwingman.com.   You can also join Michael each day for his Wingman Minute at his Be Your Own Wingman channel on YouTube.

Michael and his wife, Janet, are currently practicing what they preach by traveling the world and finding much to appreciate. They have three adult children.

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