Biopsies, catheters and pain… words you never want to hear.

How quickly things can change as I’m riding the emotional roller coaster.

At my annual physical on Monday, my “numbers” were so great that my doctor was asking me all about Be Your Own Wingman.

Tuesday, new doctor, whole new challenge.

So this morning I decided to break out my, “What a great challenge, I can’t wait to see how I succeed”, practice.

Are you facing any challenges?
Well then join me in doing the practice by clicking here…

Also, we’ll be talking about embracing your challenges tonight on Talk-n-Angels radio at 7pm.
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To Embracing Challenges,


Btw… I do my wingman practices each morning and if you would like to join me for a minute of positivity you can do so on Twitter, @wingmanmichael, on Facebook, at Be Your Own Wingman, or on YouTube, at beyourownwingman.