Our first impression.

When you’ve decided to make the “World Your Home”, and begin building a new digital nomad type of business, budget, like in any other business, is always a concern.

Our second view.

But for this week of our travels we decided to splurge a bit and took a room at the Sunshine Bungalows in Amed, Bali for $37 a night.

Through internet research, emailing, conversation and fantastic intuition, Jan is an amazing researcher of places to stay. She’s actually become the go-to person for so many of our friends and fellow travelers.

The orchid is a nice touch.

With good reason.

While it’s rare that you get everything you desire when on a budget, more often than not, I find we begin each new stay with our “happy dance”, a dance we do when the accommodations are better than expected.

Dinner our first night.

From the welcome foot massage and cold orange strawberry juice they gave us upon our arrival, to the comfortable bed, beautiful pool, and amazing food, we were pinching ourselves. To top that off, are the amazing views and the sound of the surf that lulls us to sleep at night.

But truly, like anything, anywhere, it is the people that surround you that make or break an experience.  And the staff here, is the true beauty of this place.  From the moment we walked in, they treated us like family, and I mean the family many of us wish we had!  The entire staff knows our names and always call out, “Hello Bupak Michael, hello Ibu Jan”. They stop and chat, asking about our day, our sleep and our happiness.

View from our porch.

And even if a couple of the guests smoke on the terrace or the beach is very rocky at low tide, like anything in life, nothing can or should be perfect. Like us.

I wish you could be here with us. The peace, tranquility, and spiritualityof this little stretch of land has been inspiring.

But since you can’t, please enjoy our pictures of what our little splurge at Sunshine Bungalows looks like.

Your Wingman,

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