Two Lucky Guys.

I was called to action the other day and was needed to pick my young friend Mario up from his afterschool activities as his mom worked late. As it was Wednesday night, I brought him with me for my weekly spot as co-host on the Talk-N-Angels radio show.
It’s often a time I do some wingman practices, so I asked Mario if he wanted to do one of my practices with me.
Mario:          “Yes, what do we do”?
Me:                “We go back and forth saying to each other, “I am a lucky guy”.
Mario:           “Ok. I’ll start. I am a lucky guy”.
Me:                “I am a lucky guy”.
Mario:           “I am a lucky guy”.
Me:               “I am a lucky guy”.
Mario:           “I’m a really lucky guy”.
Me:                “I’m a really lucky guy”.
Mario:           “I’m a super lucky guy”.
Me:                “I’m a super lucky guy”.
Both of us:    “We’re really lucky guys”.
Both of us:    “We’re really lucky guys”.
Just then, I noticed the soft pretzel place was still open and veered my car into the shopping center. I always love a good soft pretzel.
Mario liked the idea as well.
I explained the pretzel place is normally closed when I drive by because they close at 6 pm and I usually pass here just after.
Today, it was 5:58.
“That’s lucky”, Mario said, referring to the fact they were still open.
“Your practice really works. Let’s see if we can get more lucky.”
Smiling, I agreed, “Yes, let’s see if we can get more lucky”.
As we were putting on mustard (spicy brown for me), a woman at the table dropped about a $1.00 in change.
Mario picked it up to give back to her. She told him to keep it.
He looked at me with a giant smile.
We’re two lucky guys.
Today’s Practice: I urge you to take one minute right now, yes right now, and say out loud or to yourself, I am lucky, I am really lucky, I am super lucky.
And start seeing if you can get more lucky.
To Your Fantastic Luck,


  1. Very nice practice, Michael.

    I love the way Mario got into your enthusiasm, and enhanced your initial statement.

    Solo mantra is powerful, but more than one person reinforcing each other creates a societal vibration of manifestation.

    • Thanks David. I definitely noticed how much more powerful it was with the both of us saying it. Worth remembering and practicing with others.


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