On the plane from Los Angeles to Australia

I just woke up and I’m about 36,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, speeding along at 529 miles per hour.

That’s right, it’s a travel day.
Jan and I are heading to Australia, Indonesia, and beyond.

It’s been pretty crazy.
I mean, I’m the guy who eats the same meal at the same diner every day for breakfast, watches “My Cousin Vinny” every time it comes on television, and if we’re ordering Chinese take-out, I don’t even need a menu. It’s General Tso’s chicken.

And now I’m off discovering new places, connecting with new people, and exploring new cultures.

I’ve become an explorer.

Just saying those words raises my vibration.
And reminds me of how far I’ve traveled.

I am an explorer, and when you live life as an explorer everything becomes an exploration.

Every new taste, sound, view… takes on new meaning.
Every new connection becomes a new possibility.

Friends frequently ask about my favorite trip.
My response is always the same; I’ve loved them all.

From our days spent in Chiang Mai learning, laughing and opening our minds and hearts with Zen Master Jung Bong Mu Mu, or our hikes along the wild, windy and wooly Cliff Walks in Ireland, to the crazy, chaotic, cacophony of sights and sounds that is the Saturday morning Chatuchuck market in Bangkok; I’ve loved them all.

However, it’s not my favorite trip that matters, but rather my most important. And that’s the journey I take each day to connect with my highest self, or what I like to call my inner wingman.

And while I might get an eye roll if I verbalized that, in truth, if it weren’t for my daily, one-minute excursions, there wouldn’t have been any trip to Australia. Or Indonesia. Or Thailand, Cambodia, Ireland, England or Ecuador.

When you live life as an explorer, everything becomes an exploration.
And you don’t even have to physically move.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Well, my first step is always a Wingman minute.

Imagine living your life as an explorer.
The same exact life you are living right now.
No changes. Except for your mindset.

As an explorer, would you become more curious?
Would the routine things in your life become more interesting?
Would you be more open?
Would your everyday life become more exciting?

And even if you go to the same office and do the same job every single day, would your attitude be different?

That’s the thing about exploring; you never know what you might uncover.
Especially inside your own mind.

For Jan and me, we uncovered a whole new way to live.
We still work, pay bills, have doctor’s appointments, stressors over family and money, and all the other challenges we all face. Same as always.
Or rather, as they say in Thailand, “Same, Same, but Different”.
Because we’re the same. But different.

The difference is our vibration.
And it’s all about vibration and the frequency we’re emitting out into the universe.

Because the universe always matches our energy, and sends us back exactly what we are projecting.

When we send out a boring energy, the universe always sends us back more to feel bored about.
When we send out a desperate energy, the universe always sends us back more to feel desperate about.
And when we send out an energy of optimism, of confidence and of excitement, the universe always sends us back more to feel optimistic, confident and excited about.

So how about today, you begin your own “journey of a thousand miles”.

It’s simple. Just click below and join me in raising your vibration to that of an explorer.

And start seeing everything as an exploration.


Your Wingman,

+ Everyone in our Wingman Mastermind group has been making great progress toward achieving their goals, so much so, that Jan and I decided to start another one shortly. I’ll send out the info soon. Email me if you are interested in joining.

++ You can practice with me every morning, by just clicking on my web site at www.beyourownwingman.com.

+++ If you want to improve your positive energy, increase your level of success, and begin living the life you desire, feel free to contact me for individual on-line sessions with both Janet, an LCSW and Psychotherapist for the past 20 years, and myself.