Yesterday, Jan and I drove back up to Providence, RI from Haddonfield, NJ.
There was traffic the whole way up.

It was a “drive from hell” and we started to let it get to us.

Oh yeah, the wingman is not immune from getting irritated and “pissy”.
The only difference is that I’m now able to recognize it more quickly.

And when I observe my energy going negative, I make certain to alter the vibration that I’m sending out into the universe.  ASAP.

So before we allowed ourselves to get pulled down into the emotional mud, we came up with a practice.

We decided to “come from love”.
“Come from love”, we each said to ourselves for one minute.

“Come from love”, we then said to each other for another minute.

It certainly broke up the monotony.
It even made the drive a bit more palatable.

But it wasn’t until later that night, when we ran out for some Thai food, that the higher vibration of our little exercise really kicked in.
Instead of it just being dinner, it became “date night”.

We laughed, talked, reconnected, and even kept the night going by taking a late night walk.

But it wasn’t just us, it was everyone around us.

From our young Cambodian waitress, with whom we discussed Cambodia, delicious recipes and the law of attraction, to a “hippie” couple sitting near us who not only wanted to “bask in our vibe”, but added tremendously to it.

It was a wonderful evening. And as we took that late night walk, we realized how easily we had washed off the bitterness of the day, and replaced it with “a loving feeling”.

All from a 2 minute practice.
Give it a try.  Say to yourself for 2 minutes, “Come from love”.

More importantly, practice the feeling of coming from love, of sending out love, of “being love.

When you do, I assure you the world will respond in kind and send you love back.

Whatever that looks like for you, it will feel even better.

Best wishes for a love filled day,