I’ve had the most amazing view of the Sydney Opera House these last few days. Jan and I were staying at a youth hostel, that’s right, a youth hostel. It was in a neighborhood called the Rocks, overlooking the Sydney Harbor, and Opera House.

I absolutely loved staying there. Jan said I was reliving the youth I never had. While that may be true, I don’t think of hostels as having million dollar views.

I settled in on that rooftop deck from morning to night. Starting with my early morning wingman practices, I remained there for breakfast, lunch, an afternoon business meeting, and drinks and dinner at sunset. It was a beautiful day. All with this fantastic view of the iconic opera house.

We actually took a tour of the Opera house a few days prior. It originated in 1957 with Danish Architect, Jørn Utzon winning the international design competition. It quickly became one of the most famous and recognizable buildings in the world, and in 2007, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now I’ve been pretty fortunate to have seen some iconic places, places that are easily recognizable, and well known for the excellence of what they are. The Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, St. Peter’s Basilica, Buckingham Palace, the Duomo in Florence, the Cliff Walks in Ireland, the Roman Coliseum… the list goes on. But I’ve never had such a wonderful, and extended, view of any such icon.

As I was enjoying the view, it got me thinking of these “iconic” places.

But more importantly, it got me thinking of you. And me.
And how we can connect with our highest self.

And become iconic.

I mean, there are plenty of opera houses in the world, yet there’s only one Sydney Opera House.

Much like there are plenty of people in the world, yet there is only one you.

And when you can raise your vibration to match that which you want to be, you become your own icon.

So I came up with a Wingman Minute to help you and I practice our way to manifesting our desire.

You simply remind yourself to “Be Yourself, and Be Iconic”.

I practiced it for a bit, and afterward, I felt so good, I decided to come up with another practice.

All you have to do is finish this sentence and you will have your new practice, custom built for you.

Just say, “I am an icon of _______________________”.

For me, it was easy; “I am an icon of positive energy”.

If you can’t think of one right now, don’t worry. You can join me in saying mine. By doing so, you will answer it for yourself soon.

You’ve got greatness inside you. It’s time to let the world see it.
For you are an icon.

Click here to join me in practice…

Your Wingman,

+ Jan and I are having another Wingman Mastermind Group. Everyone in our last one made such great progress towards achieving their goals we can’t wait for this next one. If you have a goal you’re looking to achieve, or a dream you have not yet been able to manifest, I urge you to join us. Email me for more info.

++ You can practice with me every morning, by just clicking on my web site at www.beyourownwingman.com.

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