I’m expecting to have a fun day today. Jan and I are heading to Brimfield, Mass. for their annual Brimfield Flea market.. It’s been described as the ultimate antique treasure hunt and 3 ring circus.

It’s not even that we’re looking to purchase anything. It’s just that we love walking around these type of markets. And we’ve always wanted to make it to this one.

So I’m looking forward to it. And I woke up this morning excited for the day.

Which reminded me of my, “I’m having a great day practice”.

It’s a wonderful practice to do as you get ready for your day. And it isn’t just for those days you’re really looking forward to.

Actually, I’ve found it works best on my normal, “everyday” days. It’s a great practice to do any day because it raises my vibration and gets me looking for the best my day has to offer.

And becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Give it a try for yourself today. For one minute say, out loud or to yourself, “I’m having a great day”.

And while you do, think about what you’re doing today, and what might happen that could make it great.

And then go about having a great day,