Team Building 101

Build Your Inner Team to achieve more successful outcomes.

Your team consists of your…
T – Thoughts
E – Emotions
A – Actions
M – Manifestations

The agenda for this class will be manifesting, and how to achieve our ambitions using our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Please come prepared with…

  1. A notebook and pen to write with.
  2. One specific, measurable and achievable goal.  Examples:
    1. To lose 15 pounds by May 31, 2015, instead of “to lose some weight”.
    2. To increase my business by 20% this year, instead of “to do more business”.
    3. To meditate 5 days a week, instead of “to feel more at peace”.

“With a Great Team Anything is Possible” – Michael Gross

Instructor Michael Gross is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach who has coached hospitals, municipalities, businesses, Miss New Jersey and other individuals to better realize their objectives. Michael can be heard as co-host of the ‘Talk-N-Angels’ radio show Wednesday evenings 7-8 pm EST at