I was driving home yesterday from my Mother-in Law’s, thinking about my mom in Rhode Island, my step-daughter in Australia, my daughter in Alabama, and my son in New York, and how so many of us are separated from our families on Mother’s day.

Then this little speech came on the radio.

A man named Bill Hicks talking about how life is just like a ride at the amusement park.

And when you choose to go on it, you think it’s real, because that’s how powerful our minds really are.

And the ride goes up and down, is exciting and fun and thrilling, but then sometimes turns scary, even terrifying, and we squeeze our eyes shut, thinking in that moment our fear is real.  We forget it’s just a ride.

Just like life. Because for many of us, when our lives turn challenging, we let our troubles get to us.
We also forget it’s just a ride.

And that we can choose differently.

And it got me thinking of you, and Mother’s day, and how for some of us Mother’s day is a beautiful day filled with love and family.

And for others, it’s a day filled with pain, loss, and things we’d rather forget.

And how the pain feels so real…
It’s at those times we sometimes forget… it’s just a ride.

So today, on this day after Mother’s day, 2016, I hope your ride was all laughter, joy and pleasure.

But if it wasn’t, if it was sad or disappointing or even depressing… don’t worry… it’s just a ride.

And tomorrow you can choose a better, more enjoyable, ride.

Give it a try. For one minute, imagine life being a ride and it being your choice. It’s a great practice to help you relax when the ride gets scary.

To Choosing a Fun Ride,