Today I bring you a great practice live from Thailand!

I’ve videoed myself doing my one minute, “I’m a lucky guy” practice, so let’s have some fun together and get some good luck going all over this world!

Join with me in doing this exercise to improve your luck, increase your happiness and raise your vibration.

That’s right, I want you to practice right along with me, by saying exactly what I say, and thinking, feeling and believing good luck is coming your way.

It really is that simple.

Just by saying I’m a lucky guy/girl out loud for one minute, you start emitting a frequency of good luck and the universe always responds in kind by matching your vibration and sending you back the same.

Therefore, by doing this with me, we’ll create good luck for both of us.
How awesome is that?

If you’re unable to watch the video, no worries. Set your timer for one minute and repeat the phrase “I’m a lucky guy/girl”.

I’d love to hear any feedback on receiving video practices in the future. Let me know if this was helpful in raising your “vibe”, and bringing you a feeling of good luck coming your way.

To your continued good luck,