I realize how challenging life can be, especially when we’re in the midst of loss.
Everything seems to snowball to the point where you can’t “get all the injustices out of your head”.

We all go through ups and downs.
Not to overstate the obvious, but the up times are a whole lot more fun.
The down times can range from mild depression to “hell on earth”.

I remember being in a really dark place.
I was living on friend’s couches, with a feeling of hopelessness.
It felt like all I wanted was to “catch my footing” and stop all the misery.

I remember thinking, if I could just hold at this level, I could begin to turn it around.
And then something else would happen to knock me down even further.

Looking back, and with all I’ve learned from Law of Attraction, it’s become very clear… because I kept focusing on all the negatives, the universe kept sending me more to be negative about.
It’s all about how you are feeling and the energy you are giving off.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”.
Albert Einstein

I remember when I realized I could practice changing my vibration.
And I came up with a fun little practice I still do to this day.
I’d do it for one minute and it helped.
Maybe it can help you too.

I called it “Hocus, Pocus, Change my Focus” because that’s what I would say to myself.

It started when I couldn’t shake my focus from all that was going wrong in my life. I’d say, “Hocus, Pocus, Change my Focus ” for one minute.

A couple funny things about this practice.

1. By the end of the minute I would be laughing that I was doing something so ridiculous to change my focus, that I’d actually forget the negative thing I was focused on. At least for that minute.
2. When I now do presentations to businesses, this little exercise always seems to be a favorite. Weeks, and even months after, I’ll get emails about “Hocus, Pocus”.

Give it a try right now for one minute.

Coming out of a funk, takes work.  And it’s grueling work because when you’re surrounded by so much despair, it’s difficult to “emit a positive frequency” when all around you is toxic.

But I am proof you can practice your way out of it.  And live a life of your choosing.  You can too.

You’ve got this.

It’s as easy as “Hocus, Pocus”,