What is going on with my vibration???

That is the question I asked myself yesterday morning.
And with good reason.

Do you remember last week I shared with you some of the health challenges that I have to prepare for.

Well, on Friday, at the dentist’s office, I had to get a tooth pulled that was infected and causing me pain.

The pain I had been feeling however, was nothing compared with the pain of him yanking, twisting and tugging on my poor molar.

When one hour into this 30 minute procedure had passed, and he declared, “If I knew it would have been this difficult I would have had you go to an oral surgeon”, I knew something was remiss with the energy I’ve been sending out into the universe.

And then yesterday morning, my phone crashed to the floor and totally stopped working. The data seemed irretrievable.


I’m observing my vibration and suddenly I’m not liking what I’m seeing.

For those of you who have ever asked me, “Do you ever have a bad day”, The answer is a resounding YES!

And lately they’re coming at me with a bit too much regularity for this wingman’s liking.

What’s a wingman to do?

Practice, baby, practice.

I know we all have our “hero’s journeys”, and whether they’re tests from the universe or just the randomness of life, these challenges have to be handled.

So today, I’m making sure to do just that.
Because it’s time to stop these bad vibes right now.
Before they start playing with my mind and turning me into a “victim of circumstance”.

No F+*&ing Way.

“I’ve got this”.

That’s right. I’ve got this.

Do you have a challenge that’s been getting the better of you?

Then perhaps you’d like to join me for today’s practice, and together, we can both start taking back the control’s of our lives.

That’s right. I’m no victim. And neither are you.
We’ve both handled tougher situations. And we’ll handle this one as well.


Well… a good way to start is by doing my, “I’ve got this” practice.

Join me here…

After note…

While it’s never this simplistic, the practice seems to be working… my vibration feels great, my phone was able to be fixed, my data was recovered, and my tooth is feeling better.

All is well.

You’ve got this,


PS… You can practice with me every morning, either on Facebook, at Be Your Own Wingman, on Twitter, @wingmanmichael, or on YouTube, at beyourownwingman.