Eagles Fans Know My Pain.

As I watched my beloved Philadelphia Eagles lose to Seattle last week, my emotions ran the gamut from hope to horror to anger to frustration to sadness.

And that was from just watching one player, wide receiver Nelson Agholor.8973790-nelson-agholor-nfl-philadelphia-eagles-detroit-lions-850x560

Hope… because the guy was a first round pick, a hard worker and a fantastic athlete.

Horror… because lately, he can’t catch a ball, a prerequisite for a “receiver”.

Anger… because his mental error wiped out the Eagles best play of the day.

Frustration… because, well if you’ve been following the Eagles this year, you understand.

Sadness… because watching a highly acclaimed professional athlete hit rock bottom is very sad. I’m not speaking about the physical side of the ledger, that’s sad but it happens to everyone. No, the sadness I’m speaking of is in seeing a gifted young man breaking down mentally.

And seeing it I did. It was as if I were watching Law of Attraction 101… “The better it gets, the better it gets. The worse it gets, the worse it gets”.

112016-agholor-sotrefframe_1His vexation is growing and his momentum is sinking.

Someone needs to throw him a life preserver, because it’s not just football we’re talking about anymore.

It therefore came as no surprise when, as I sat down to lunch with a friend this week, his first words were, “The Eagles, and Nelson Agholor, need you.

“I know”, was all I responded.

And so, being a life long Eagles fan, I’m offering my services. We can meet down at Novacare Way, or, even easier, we can start by having Mr. Agholor watch a few of my videos.

And let’s see if we can start changing his vibration.

There is nothing worse then when you are in negative energy and can’t get a foothold. It’s a downward spiral of depression where Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion can tell you where you will end up.

And it’s not up.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to experience it.

You do need a Wingman though to help you bounce back.

And if you can’t locate your own, inner wingman, then find another.
Because you must first stop the negative momentum.
And until you do, it will continue to grow.

What’s a Wingman to do?

Well, the first rule when you’re digging yourself into a hole, is to stop digging.
So often, we’re the reason for our steady decline.

It doesn’t start out that way, but once we allow that destructive energy into our minds, we become our own worse enemy.

And watching it play out in front of millions of television viewers is extremely difficult.

After his mental error eviscerated the growing hope and excitement of his teammates, and all of Philadelphia, you knew it had to affect him. Though he seemed to bounce back a few plays later when he ran a beautiful route, escaped coverage and saw a perfectly thrown pass coming his way.

When it clanked off his hands, you knew he was done.

25131061-_uy3062_ss3062_Perhaps it’s the fishbowl they live in, but this type of thing happens once in a while in professional sports. A pitcher can no longer throw strikes, a golfer gets the “yips”, a receiver can no longer receive.

It’s time to forget physical practice, that won’t help him right now.

He needs to start doing some wingman positivity practices.
And grow into the football player, and more importantly, the man he is able to be.

If you feel your vibration is one of resistance, click below and join me in today’s practice.

Your Wingman,

PS… You can practice with me every morning, either on Facebook, at Be Your Own Wingman, on Twitter, @wingmanmichael, or on YouTube, at beyourownwingman.

PSS… If you want to improve your positive energy, increase your level of success, and begin living the life you desire, feel free to contact me for Skype sessions with both Janet, an LCSW and Psychotherapist for the past 20 years, and myself.