When you decide to make the world your home, life truly becomes a great adventure. Every new day is an exploration, always new, always different and usually exciting.

But what happens when you’re back on your home field, without your old comforts?  When you no longer have your house, your stuff and you’re always staying with friends.

When everything you own is in a 10 x 15 storage unit, and you don’t even remember what’s in there.  I can’t tell you how many times Jan or I have referenced an article of clothing, a piece of furniture or a favorite tchotchke, only to have it followed by,

“somewhere in the storage unit”.

Yes, Jan and I are very fortunate to have some amazing friends that offer us not only a roof over our heads, but the loving feeling of being at home. It’s really wonderful, but no matter how comfortable and loving they are, when we’re back home, we’re always living as a guest.

It’s just a different feeling than cooking in your own kitchen, hanging in your own easy chair, watching your own TV, or sleeping in your own bed.

Yes, I’m putting my travels on hold for a time and coming home once again, even if I have no house to come home to.

Jan’s actually been in Haddonfield, NJ, our “home turf”, with her family for the last couple of weeks while I’ve been hanging with my Mom in Providence, RI visiting her each day at her assisted living facility.

And it’s there, in these past two weeks, I’ve come to appreciate my true home.
Because without Jan with me, I’ve become the most boring person alive.

I’ve been staying at my sisters while they’re on vacation.  Each and every day has been pretty much the same.

I come home after being with my mom, feed the cat, give her some love, and then watch TV.  And they don’t even have cable!

I’m literally one step away from becoming a crazy cat lady.  Well two.

“Home could be the Pennsylvania turnpike
Indiana’s early morning dew
High up in the hills of California 
Home is just another word for you”  Billy Joel

That’s right.
The world may be my home, but Jan is my world.
And I can’t wait to be home, wherever that may be.

This week, home is New York City and then a week in Pipersville, Pa.

Then finally, a month back home in Southern New Jersey where I may not have my easy chair, but I’ll have a Donkey’s cheese steak, some Croce’s buffalo chicken and broccoli rabe, breakfast at the Bistro in Haddonfield, and some old friends.

And I’ll be with Jan.
I’ll be home.
And I’ve never been more thankful for that.


Today’s Wingman Practice:

I realize I’m a lucky guy.
And maybe that’s not where you are right now.
Maybe you’re in a living hell.

You’re not alone.
We’ve all been there.
Some us for years, even decades.

And it doesn’t matter physically where “there” is. I spent the better part of 15 years as a victim in my own mind.

If that is where you are right now, today’s practice will help you raise your vibration and begin to climb out of that hellhole.

Or if you’re in a great place, it will help you make it even better.

Join me, and for one minute say, I’m coming home.  And while saying it, think about what home is to you.

When I think of home, I think of love, comfort and safety.
A place where I can totally just relax and be me.
A refuge from the storm.
Soft pants, sweat shirts and slippers.

Or I think of Jan.  And I can’t wait to be home.

For you, imagine your home exactly as you want it to be.
And see yourself right there.

How does that feel?
That is the vibration I want you to practice sending out into the universe.

Click below and practice with me.  I’ll also be doing this practice live on Facebook on Sunday morning.

To your perfect home, no matter where, or who, it may be,

Your Wingman,


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