Have you ever desired something? Silly question, of course you have.

But have you ever desired it so much that you felt like you needed it?

  • And the more you wanted it, the further you seemed to push it away?

That’s the situation I find myself in as I anxiously await news about a potential, very exciting project.

I feel like…

  • A schoolgirl dissecting every part of her conversation with her (hopeful) boyfriend.
  • A salesman waiting to hear from his prospective client.
  • Or a parent who wants their child to listen to them so badly that they don’t stop talking long enough to hear what their child has to say.

And as I observe my vibration, I realize that instead of attracting my desire, I’m actually pushing it further away.

Because it’s all about vibration.

Right now my vibe has that unpleasant feeling of desperation. Have you ever felt it?

That point where you cross the threshold of feeling inspired by the excitement of wanting something, to the unhealthy obsession of needing it to happen NOW.

But it never does, at least not when you are emitting that anxiety-ridden frequency.  When that is your vibration, there is no possibility you will manifest your desire.

Wayne Dyer called it desire vs. desire-less.

He stated that everything starts with a desire.

But to receive it, you have to become desire-less.

Maybe a little.

Perhaps my Wingman Continuum Practice can help.

You simply step back and observe where your vibration is on the continuum of needing vs. wanting vs. allowing. Is it too close to needing, i.e., you realize you’re actually resisting it, almost forcing any other outcome than that which you desire?

                                The Wingman Continuum

Need                                            Want                                                         Allow

If so, it’s time to change your vibe.
It’s time to move it in the direction of allowing.

But how?
How do you become desire-less when you have a desired outcome?

I’ll tell you what I do.

I INVITE my intention to come to me. And then I let it go.

Sounds easy enough. Except it goes against everything I’ve learned since childhood.

I’m supposed to make things happen, not wait for them to happen.
I’m expected to push and fight and compete to achieve my goals.

Isn’t that what we’ve all been taught since an early age?

But what if that way is not working?

As I’ve grown older, I’ve become very clear that when I allow my ambitions to come to me, they seem to materialize much easier than when I try to impose my will.

That doesn’t mean I don’t work to attain them.
It does mean however, that I don’t allow myself to get to the point of NEEDING them. Because when you’re frantic for it, it rarely happens.

And when I invite my intentions to come to me, and then let them go, I totally change the vibration I’m sending out into the universe.

I become desire-less.

Give it a try. And start allowing your desires to come to you.

Your Wingman,


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