About Me

Michael Gross is the owner of Be Your Own Wingman Positivity Training and a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.  He has coached municipalities, businesses, Miss New Jersey and other individuals to better achieve their goals.

His “Build Your Inner Team” workshops have helped thousands to see positives instead of negatives, solutions instead of problems, and to focus on what’s going right in their lives and businesses, and build from there.

His “Be Your Own Wingman” concept is a philosophy that has been praised by Marc Allen, owner of New World Library, and best selling authors Donald Altman, SARK and Dr. Bernie Siegel.

Michael has been a successful insurance professional for 30 years.  As a father, a husband, a brother, a friend and a leader of a variety of teams in the business community, he clearly understands what a great wingman is and has enjoyed helping many be successful on their chosen mission.

This is my favorite wingman, Monte the hound dog. Each morning we go for a walk in the woods where I meet my “staff” to ask for whatever I will need that day. I discuss my staff meetings in many posts.