It’s Time to Mastermind!

Do you have a desire you want to manifest? A dream you’ve secretly been hoping for? Or a goal you want to achieve?

Let our Wingman Mastermind Group help you.

We invite you to join us, Michael Gross, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and Janet Sokoloff, LCSW Psychotherapist, for our next Mastermind Group,

“Creating the Life You Want”.

A Wingman Mastermind Group is a group of individuals that come together as a team to help each other achieve their personal goals and manifest their desires by providing ideas, accountability, cheerleading, feedback and support.

This two month on-line Mastermind Group will bring together people who share your desire to alter their present situation and live a more authentic life.

Whether it be a career change, a health or fitness goal, a loving relationship, complete lifestyle shift or whatever you can imagine, this group can help you see that goal come to fruition.
Through weekly group conversations and individual coaching sessions, we will help you succeed at overcoming your challenges and manifesting your desires.



“The change is definite. I truly feel as if there was a general shift within me, placing me at a higher vibrational set point. I now find the achievement of my goals believable and certain. I never felt that way before. I think it’s because of the ongoing support and homework from this mastermind group that made that shift possible. So thank you Michael Gross and Janet Sokoloff!  Thank you group!”  
                     Lisa Shiroff, Voorhees, NJ

After years of feeling stuck in our lives and jobs, we took a major life leap and have since been living the life of our choosing by traveling the world and working remotely.
This experience has led to our firm belief that anyone, and everyone, can live their own dreams.

“Thank you Janet and Michael. Your Mastermind group has helped me tremendously. It has helped me clarify my goals, set an accountable timeline to reach those goals and given me tools to overcome obstacles along the way!! I feel like I can’t fail. Great Job!”
  Hugh McGuire, Collingswood, NJ

Join us for this exciting and enriching experience and start moving in the direction of your goals.
We will be facilitating each meeting, utilizing our many years of collective experience in life coaching, psychotherapy, and thought and vibration shifting processes.

“My initial goal of a healthy, fit lifestyle is already coming to fruition with the intent and energy with which we have fueled it. Now, new visions are flowing to me to expand. Thank you to Janet and Michael for honoring your vision to create this mastermind group. Thank you to each of our members for sharing with us. It truly is beautiful how our intentions are swirling and overlapping to be able to help each other rise higher.”
                   Bella Beth Evans, Greenville, South Carolina

In this group you will:

  • Find answers and ideas from brainstorming with the group
  • Tap into the experience and skills of others
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to achieve your desires
  • Gain an instant and valuable support network
  • Experience a sense of shared endeavor
  • Enjoy a boost to your everyday positive mental attitude

We’re looking for team members who are willing to:

  • Participate in each call
  • Share their expertise and challenges
  • Come prepared to each session
  • Be committed to achieving their goal
  • In order to receive maximum benefit and attention, this two-month on-line group is limited to six participants.

This investment in yourself will cost $550.00 and includes:

  • Seven-90 minute on-line group sessions from wherever you are in the world
  • Weekly individual 30 minute coaching sessions with Michael and Janet to keep you focused, motivated and on target
  • Weekly Homework
  • Daily support, motivation, inspiration and conversation via a private Facebook Group page


We will meet on-line on Tuesday Nights from 7:00-8:30pm EST
Session Dates will be September 12th, 19th, 26th, October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th.

Individual Coaching sessions can be scheduled weekly.

Register now for this life changing experience.



We look forward to being a part of your success team,
Michael and Janet

+  You can practice with me every morning on Facebook Live.

++  If you want to improve your positive energy, increase your level of
success, and begin living the life you desire, feel free to contact me for individual on-line sessions with both Janet, an LCSW and Psychotherapist for the past 20 years, and myself.