14355110_10210677094271322_5866737519389933362_nAs we exited the Dublin airport at 6am, having been whisked through customs, and given a free Irish breakfast of a shot of Jameson’s whiskey, we were already a little bit in love with Ireland.

Standing at the curbside taxi stand, the driver who pulled up looked like he had come straight from an Irish movie. Cap, scarf, charm and a wonderful accent to boot.

As we drove through the deserted, and still dark, streets of Dublin, our conversation floated between Irish history, architecture, and the details of our trip.

As we explained our house and dog sitting opportunity, along with our love of travel, I offhandedly commented, “Plus, I wouldn’t mind finding some of that luck of the Irish I’ve heard so much about”.14333598_10210677138552429_6668913001871519732_n
We pulled up to our hotel and as he helped with our luggage, he smiled, looked at me, and said, “You say you’ve been traveling the world, eh?”

I answered yes.

“And now you’re staying in Sutton, Ireland along the Cliff Walks for free?”

Again, I answered yes.

“Well then you don’t need the luck of the Irish, you’re already a Jammy Bastard.”

I must have looked confused because he followed up his comment by saying, “we don’t say luck of the Irish, we say jammy, which means lucky, and a Jammy Bastard takes luck to a whole new level”.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since that auspicious start, and his words have stayed with me. I’ve actually made certain they do by practicing them each and every day.

14370014_10210662616629390_4005945505918783798_nSo whether I’m enjoying the magnificent beauty of the Cliff Walks, or picking up the Great Dane’s monster poops, I say, think, feel and believe, that I’m a Jammy Bastard.

Let me repeat that, I say, think, feel and believe, that I’m a Jammy Bastard.

Is it easier on the Cliff Walks?
Of course it is.

But that’s the game, isn’t it, to not let your situation dictate your emotions.14317476_10210631091681286_7521634683979934925_n

If you do, then you’re just a victim of circumstance, and have given up your power to create all the success you desire.

Sometimes you get jammy and things go well.

But let’s face it, you and I both know we’re guaranteed more jammy days in our lives when we’re able to create them, rather than hope and wait for a bit of good luck that may or may not come.

14238355_10210591135442405_4936044636459083259_nAnd to do that takes practice.

So that’s what I do. I practice.

So whether I’m in the muck, or the money, I make certain to find something positive I can focus on.

And that’s how you become a Jammy Bastard.
To being a Jammy Bastard, long may it last.

Your friend & wingman,


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