“Watch out, there’s a crazy guy up there”

It’s a cold, crisp morning as I pull up to the woods today. It’s just getting light out, and there are no other cars there as of yet. A pretty typical start to my day. I finish my morning walk at the pavilion, and just like almost every other day for the past 15 years, I continue my normal routine by putting on some music, stretching and doing my wingman workout of positive self-talk.

This morning’s workout includes saying “Thank you”, “Yes I can”, and “It’s going to be a great day”. Quietly breathing these words in, while exercising, is a perfect way to begin my day on a positive note.  It’s what I preach, and what I practice.

Steve Jobs quoteToday however, seeing how there are no other cars, and realizing I’m alone, I decide to do my wingman workout out loud. While normally, I practice by breathing and feeling the words I’m saying over and over, I’ve found changing things up sometimes helps get the positive energy flowing in a different way. And from my vantage point under the pavilion I can see anyone who might be driving or walking up and return to a more quiet meditative practice before they arrive.

So there I am, screaming, yes SCREAMING, at the top of my lungs, “THANK YOU”, “YES I CAN” and “IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY”. Over and over and over again.
And I’m feeling the positive energy, and screaming some more.
Smiling, laughing and feeling great, I’m a believer, it is going to be a great day.

When, of course, out of the blue, a woman comes walking by from the other direction. Not sure how I missed her, but there she was.
Busted, I laugh, say hello, and immediately revert to a more quiet wingman workout. She ignores me and continues walking on her way.
No harm, no foul. Or so I think.

My workout over, I get in my car and start driving out, when I see a good friend walking with his dog towards me. Actually, he’s a pretty well known child psychologist who I’ve had the pleasure to consult with on helping children be more positive.

crazy quoteAs we meet, I open my passenger side window to say hi. Slowly taking off his headphones and smiling,
he said, “Just to let you know, I’ve been forewarned there’s a crazy guy up there”.

“Guilty as charged”, I said, and we both shared a good laugh.

As I drove away, with a smile still on my face, I thought of how sometimes it takes a little bit of crazy to get back on your right path. And how too often, we allow others to dictate how we should, or should not be.

So for today’s practice, take one minute and get a little crazy. Who knows, maybe it will help you start bringing in some more positive energy, and get you moving in a better direction. It’s certainly worth a try.

Hope you have a ‘crazy’ good weekend,


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