Vice President, Positive Energy

In the future, every company will have a Vice President of Positive Energy. The larger ones will have many.

People will wonder how a company flourished without one.
“What did you do when someone came in with a negative attitude, how did you stop it from permeating and sabotaging the whole company?”  And “who helped employees stay positive and happy, therefore more productive?”

Businesses will again be more like families, with employer’s helping each employee reach their optimum. When done right, the end result will be growth and prosperity for both the individual employee and the organization as a whole.

Corporations will define their culture based on the importance of their employee’s happiness. They will understand the importance of harmony, and how by helping surround their people with positivity and enthusiasm, their people will in turn, help the corporation reach it’s goals.

It’s a win-win.

This came up in conversation the other day as a business client called me his Vice President of Positive Energy. We both laughed as we looked around how much has changed at his office. Teamwork has replaced egoism, and the firm now has exciting challenges and a warm feeling of connectedness.

There’s a different “vibe” now, the office has “better energy”. 

You can feel it when you walk in the door.
And more importantly, so can his staff and clients.

The same will be said for municipalities. They will have “Directors of Positive Energy” who will help municipal workers build positive energy from the inside out. Communities will be created where there once were just cities and towns. “City Hall” will be friendly, compassionate and efficient.
Folks will stop in just to say hi.

It will be the same world, just different, with new thought processes, which will bring about tremendous success in areas of health, relationships and financial/personal security. Reduced stress will be a byproduct of all the positive energy, thereby enabling people to be happier, more creative, more productive, and more understanding.

Hmmm, maybe the future is now.

To Your Success,

The Laughing Practice

Michael Gross “The Wingman” demonstrates his 1-minute laughing practice.

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Vice President, Positive Energy

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