More Proof to Practice, from the NY Times

Great article in the New York Times about how choosing to be grateful will make you happier.
Just in time for Thanksgiving…

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with much love and positive energy,

The Laughing Practice

Michael Gross “The Wingman” demonstrates his 1-minute laughing practice.

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More Proof to Practice, from the NY Times

Great article in the New York Times about how choosing to be grateful will make you happier. Just in time for Thanksgiving… Have a wonderful Thanksgiving... read more

The Perfect Thanksgiving.

Imagine a perfect Thanksgiving… Now bring your family into it. If those two don’t match up, join us for a workshop, “A Wingman One-Minute Thanksgiving Plan” and make this a most enjoyable holiday season. The Wingman One-Minute Thanksgiving Plan... read more

“I Am Enough”.

I watched this wonderful video yesterday and was both amazed and surprised as it kept my attention for all 43 minutes. Check it out here… As for the Wingman Home Course, we’ll be starting it on Friday, 11/13.... read more

The Wingman Home Course.

The Wingman Home Course, guaranteed to increase your positive energy. I’ve developed an 8 week email course which I’m certain will help you bring more positive outcomes into your life. I recently ran a pilot program with one client, Phil, which was... read more

Wing Dog Down

We had to put Monte to sleep today. The Vet came out on Monday and said, “It’s a hard decision but it’s what’s best for him”. It wasn’t a hard decision at all. Monte led a long and wonderful life. He was 17. It was time. His love helped bring two families together... read more

My Buddy Coop.

My Buddy Coop died on Tuesday. He was a longtime friend who would always introduce me as, “Grossy, from the card game”. It was a name I wore with love and pride. In a lifetime of memories, the card game is one I’d like to share. It started back when... read more

How’s Your Corn?

Once upon a time there was a farmer who grew award-winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won a blue ribbon. One year a newspaper sent a reporter to interview him and learned something fascinating about how he grew such award winning... read more

Practice This Monday, 9/21 @ 6:30 PM

This Monday night, improve your power to manifest. Do you have a goal? Then be there Monday night and let’s get you started on the path to achieving it. I’m still amazed how easy it is when I get myself, and all my years of built up resistance, out of the... read more

Thailand, a High Vibration Move.

It all started with a practice. When we decided to sell our house, it was more about downsizing. Downsizing the mortgage, downsizing the space, and downsizing the upkeep that comes with a big old house. But then it sold so rapidly and we hadn’t yet come up with... read more

It’s Trash Day!

If you’re looking for normal household items such as glasses, snow shovels, dishes, garden hose, hammers, nails, brooms and a whole lot more, I’m your guy. Lots of women’s clothing too. You got it… its TRASH DAY. Stop by this weekend, wish me a... read more

Under a Bridge-Dawn of a New Day

It doesn’t matter if you find yourself waking up under a bridge. It’s the dawn of a new day. A perfect time to set the tone for the day. This picture was taken this morning, right after practice. Today’s Practice: One minute saying “Set the... read more

The Dawn of a New Day

The other day, as I was out on my morning walk, this beautiful scene greeted me. Upon seeing it, the words, “It’s the dawn of a new day” slipped from my tongue. It immediately became my ‘inner team’ building exercise, you know, a thought,... read more

Yard Sale Tomorrow, Saturday, 8/8

Our house sold quickly and we have to get out soon… so we’re having a big yard sale tomorrow, Saturday 8/8. Stop by (bring donuts) and say hi and have a look. We have tons of furniture, tools, kitchen and household items, and many positive energy pieces... read more

Happy Days Are Here Again

It started with my son and I, in the car for a long day of driving. We were taking some furniture from my house in South Jersey to his apartment in New York City and then back again. We were sitting just inside the Lincoln Tunnel when our stress level was about to... read more

Vice President, Positive Energy

In the future, every company will have a Vice President of Positive Energy. The larger ones will have many. People will wonder how a company flourished without one. “What did you do when someone came in with a negative attitude, how did you stop it from permeating and... read more

Thank You Brandon Boykin

The lead article on the back of Wednesday’s Daily News was about Philadelphia Eagle, Brandon Boykin. It begins, “Brandon Boykin doesn’t want your pity.  So, a broken leg dropped him from the first round to the fourth round and cost him $5 million dollars? ‘It might be... read more

“Bidding War”

“It’s amazing”, Jan said to me the other day, “all I see are houses with ‘Sold’, or ‘Under Contract’ in front of them. I wonder how they did it?” “That’s funny”, I replied, “I only see... read more

House for Sale

Janet and I are settling into our new normal since we put our house up for sale 2 weeks ago. New normal? Most certainly! As anyone who has ever sold a house they were living in knows, there’s a new normal. In setting our intention to attract the perfect buyer,... read more


In Malcolm Gladwell’s fascinating book, “Blink”, he talks of an experiment where students watched college professors teaching a class for only 2 seconds. No audio, only video. They were then asked to rate the effectiveness of those teachers. Their... read more

Single Women: Be Your Own Wingman Workshop

Do you keep dating the same type of man? Do you keep repeating the same relationship mistakes? Would you like to feel more confident, more empowered, and better prepared to attract a man of a higher caliber. I’m happy to be offering this workshop in Providence,... read more

Gentle Reminder, Monday 5/18/15

It can be this simple. From last month’s class on exploring happiness, I continue to hear, see and feel surprising victories. It shouldn’t be so surprising though. I mean, science tells us the happier we are the more successful our relationships, work... read more