Swat Team Protocol

I did a mini Wingman Workout for the department heads of a municipality last week.  They had heard how it was helping different businesses increase teamwork, sales and profits.  They brought me in to see if my brand of positivity could help improve safety, lower insurance claims and increase productivity.  

As I left, after finishing my presentation, you can imagine my surprise in finding the Chief of Police waiting for me outside (without a warrant, thankfully).  Turns out, he liked what I had to say.

He explained that when he was a member of a SWAT team they would always do positive self-talk immediately before taking action.

“I can do this.”
“I know how to handle a gun.”
“I am calm.”
“I’m the best man for this job.”
“I’m part of a great team.”
Etc., etc… 

Our conversation was brief as he had to go back into the meeting.
However, as he did, he asked,

       “Do you know how much one wrong shooting costs our taxpayers?”

I didn’t.  I do now.

Turns out that cost can get well into the millions.  
There’s even something called “Suicide by Cop”, which is a method in which a suicidal individual deliberately acts in a threatening way, provoking a lethal response from a police officer.

Can you imagine the ‘cool’ these officers have to maintain?  

If they can, we can too.  We just need a little practice.

So whether you’re a police officer facing a life or death situation, a businessman trying to grow your business, or a parent dealing with a teenager, a little positive self talk, or what I call my ‘Wingman Workout” can be a big help.  One practice I’ve found that works well in that situation is to just say to myself for one minute,

“When I’m calm I make good decisions, when I’m calm I make good decisions”.

It’s easy.  Try it for one minute and see how it feels.

Here’s to good decisions made calmly,

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Thursday. Bernie, Colleen St. Michael and Me.

Very excited about this Thursday’s, ‘Condition Your Mind to be Positive’ radio show at 11am.

Imagine my surprise a few weeks back.  I was speaking with Colleen, who hosts the ‘Heightened and Enlightened’ show immediately before mine, when she mentioned, “at 15 I was dating a boy who had cancer.  Dr. Bernie’s book changed my life”.

If you’ve been reading me for any time now, you know of my relationship with Dr. Bernie Siegel, surgeon, best selling author and spiritual guru. 

Bottom line is… He’s been a valued teacher and wingman to yours truly. 

Please listen in as we discuss life, and the impact Bernie’s inspirational, best selling book, ‘Love, Medicine and Miracles’ had on a 15 year old Colleen.

To listen click here…

                                     You will have to set up a user name and password. 

Next Wingman Workout this Sunday, 3/23, 1pm.
Click here for more info… http://beyourownwingman.com/curriculum/

Still Practicing,

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Do You Believe in Magic?


Sir Isaac Newton

How about Science?
How about Physics?
How about Sir Isaac Newton and his first law of motion?

An object in motion stays in motion.

Why not get yourself in motion?
In a positive way?
Of your choosing?

My Wingman Workout will help give you a kick start, or help you continue, in that direction.
Please join me on Sunday, March 23rd @ 1- 2:30 PM at the NJBalance Wellness Center in Medford, NJ.  In this beautiful space we can help each other to see things in a little more positive light.

It’s a nice light to have with you.

Click above on the Workshops page for more information.

Look forward to seeing you,

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The Horse Whisperer

Yesterday, I had a 2pm appointment with a school district.
Arrived early, at 1:30.
Always love it when I’m early.

So I stopped on the road, right across the street,
deciding how to best utilize my 30 minutes.

And a horse, yeah, an actual horse, walks over,
gives me a little snort and stands there looking at me.

I mean, I’m in some area of New Jersey I never knew existed.  Lot of farms, lots of open land.

And a horse that comes over to see me.  Felt like I was on the television show ‘Lost’.

I’m in a different place right now, I’ll admit that. But he kept staring. So I opened my passenger side window and asked, “Do you have something for me”?

At that precise moment, a giant 18 wheeler stops on the road right behind me.  This guy jumps out, asking me if know where so and so address is.  But I have no idea of the area.  And I couldn’t understand him.

Not sure what it was.
Maybe a speech impediment.
I told him I had passed a gas station a while up the way he was going. Otherwise I had no idea.

He walked away beaten.
Like he’d been lost for a while.

I turned back to the horse.
Hasn’t moved.  Still staring at me. Really.

“Ok”, I say out loud and to myself, “I got it.”.  (If I said it to the horse, would that make me crazy?)

Anyway, I jump out, flashing my iPhone to the driver, as if that could solve all his problems.
To him, it was like manna from heaven.

Located his address 3 miles away.
Although where we were, one missed turn could take you an easy 20 miles.
With keen like precision, I realized he might not get these directions.
So I had him follow me.  And we got there.

I drove back with that warm wonderful feeling of being helpful.
As I walked into the school for my appointment, the front sign said… 

Couldn’t ask for a better sign.
I find I’m much happier when I choose great better than when I choose not.
How about you?

For tomorrow’s wingman workout, we’re going to start with,
“It’s my choice”.
Hope you can make it.  If not, you can still practice it.

10 am at Your Center, 52 Berlin Road, Cherry Hill, NJ.

In Appreciation,

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Thank you for making me stronger.

One of my favorite practices from my Wingman Workout is to thank my challenges for making me stronger.
Current difficulties, past obstacles or future impediments.  When I’m able to appreciate them for the strength they’ve given me, I begin to take back my power.  No longer do I allow any situation to make me a victim.
How about you? 
Any hurdles hindering you from being, doing or having what you desire?
If only _____________ would act/be different, I’d be happier.
Let’s quit blaming the situation and try something new.
Thank it.  Thank it for making you stronger.
At the very least, you’ll feel a bit stronger.
And that ‘ain’t’ a bad thing.
Hope you can make this weekend’s Wingman Workout.
The results have been phenomenal.  Now be a part of them.
Seems crazy, but it’s helping most everyone to feel stronger, better prepared and more confident.
When:            Saturday, March 8th, 10-11:30 am.
Where:          Your Center
                         52 Berlin Road
                         Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Cost:               $20
Register:       Phone: 856-287-7990
Email:           Michael@beyourownwingman.com
Please include your name & phone #.
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Your Definition of Happiness.

Just did a great practice you might want to try.
Take 5 minutes and answer the question…

“What is my definition of happiness?”

See what comes up for you.

btw… results from my Wingman Workout have been off the charts (see below).
Try it for yourself or even better, bring it to your group or business and see changes in morale, focus and productivity.

Check it out on Saturday, March 8th @ 10am.

A Wingman Workout

Come participate in a Wingman Workout.

A Wingman Workout is a non-physical experience, designed to raise your vibration no matter where you are on the emotional scale.  Whether you are down in the dumps, or feeling great, a Wingman Workout will provide a spark of positive energy, helping you change your momentum and elevate you to a higher level.

One week after participating in a Wingman Workout, over 90% of respondents report a higher level of emotional satisfaction, productivity, calmness and confidence.

More impressive is that 100% of repeat participants and those that continued practicing have reported more energy with more confidence in setting and achieving their goals.

Why is it working for so many?

It’s simple really, by saying high vibration words over and over; you surround yourself with more positive energy.

Neuroscience states it differently.  ‘With nothing more than mental training the brain can be rewired…’

See how a Wingman Workout can help you with your mental training. 

When:      Saturday, March 8th, 10:00-11:30 am

Where:     Your Center, 52 Berlin Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Cost:         $20

Register:   Phone: 856-287-7990
Email: Michael@beyourownwingman.com
Please include your name & phone #.

Michael Gross will instruct the workout. He is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and creator of the Wingman Workout.

Michael can be heard as:

Co-host of the ‘Talk-N-Angels’ radio showWednesday evenings @ 7-8 pm and
Host of ‘Condition Your Mind to be Positive’, Thursdays @ 11-11:30 am.

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